WordCamp New York City 2009

November 14–15, 2009
...was awesome!


Leave your proposals for unconference sessions in the comments here. There will be be slots from 9:15-10:15 and from 10:30- 11:30. Meet at 9 in room 3160 (SRO) to vote on sessions for unconference and get room assignments. Will update this page after room assignments made, and try to twitter the times/topics once selected.

Room Assignments:

9:40 – 10:25

8150 – Andrea: more MU CMS stuff

8155 – Themes parent/child

3160 – wp behind a firewall – corporate user /intranets

13155 -Favorite features

13150- wp as cms for non-profits/consulting opps

13145 – SEO

10:40- 11:30

8150- Scriblio

8155 – BuddyPress

13145 – newbie – how to run WP

13150 – genius bar

3160 – how to run a wordcamp

13155 – PowerPress

15 Responses

  1. Lisa Crouch says:

    Andrea rennick talking more about ways to use MU beyond blog farming and more CMS-like.

    And more on BuddyPress theming!

  2. Tom Glover says:

    I suggest Complex Content Types with Pods. Very cool exciting stuff.

  3. Lee Roberts says:

    SEO seemed to be a hot topic without enough time for all Q’s and A’s.

    Also, one of the intructors (not sure which one) seems to be embracing Word Press and she is a web developer (or designer?). She uses all sorts of open source functions (for example Google Analytics). I would love to hear how today’s web developers are “pitching” WP design concepts to their clients. Do they start with a theme and then modify it, create the theme from scratch, etc.?

  4. Damon Cook says:

    Why not use Drupal? What differentiates WordPress from Drupal as a blogging platform, CMS, LMS, social-networking, and all of the above? What differentiates the WP/WPMU/Buddypress/bbPress community from the Drupal community? What differentiates the future of WP development from Drupal?

    Spawned from Jim Groom’s EDUCHUDS session we discuss what the future of WP/WPMU/BP development will entail to gracefully incorporate new commerce models. Will WP/WPMU/BP plugins and themes become purchase only? Why doesn’t anyone use the ‘Donate’ via Paypal buttons on some WP plugin’s admin page?
    Why don’t I have any answers to these questions? 😉

  5. Daisy Olsen says:

    Let’s discuss the Parent/Child structure for WordPress, WPMU and BuddyPress themes.

    Some possible topics of discussion include:
    *Benefits of using the Parent/Child structure for WordPress, WPMU, and BuddyPress powered websites.
    *Rapid website development using Parent/Child Theme Frameworks
    *Modifying existing themes by creating a child theme rather than modifying the original.
    *Future-Proof customizations and to allow for easy updates when new theme versions are released
    *Advanced and Complex usage of existing frameworks using the Parent/Child structure. (BuddyPress Default theme, Thematic, Hybrid)

  6. Tamcalinyc says:

    1) How about a “how to”/informational session on migrating from wp.com to wp.org? Now that i have learned about so many great plug-ins and gotten great SEO tips I want to be able to apply to my blog!

    2) Genius time!

  7. My vote is for Genius Bar…

  8. Rob Reale says:

    Since the topic was just that popular, I would like to offer to give an “SEO for Dummies” presentation. I think a number of people in the SEO presentation today would be interested.

  9. Tony Zeoli says:

    Podcasting with WordPress – Podcasting or Podpress, which is superior? How to use Feedburner as your podcast feed. Using the new SoundCloud shortcode plugin to embed your audio.

    Photography Blogs with WordPress – What are the best photo themes; how do you sell your photos through WordPress; what is the best photo gallery plugin to date (NextGen?). Any others?

  10. Courtney says:

    We needed more hands on seminars!!! Pls repeat the WP features panel today (many of us could not find the room as u changed it midstream) and have the Genius Bar available again.

  11. Tom Lowenhaupt says:

    I had an eager volunteer install wp as a cms for our website. Then he bolted before explaining what he did.

    So I live in fear of personal experimentation, upgrades, etc.

    How about a session on “Troubleshooting when your blog goes kerfluey”

  12. Doug Stewart says:

    1) WP behind the corporate firewall/proxy.

    2)Take your blog from 10 – 100 to 1000+ hits per day.

  13. Ron Suarez says:

    What could we do in the WordPress Open Source Community to grow consulting opportunities in vertical markets and leverage consumer passion from music to non-profits?

  14. Doug says:

    Is it possible to rerun any of these sessions in the second timeframe???

    3160 – wp behind a firewall – corporate user /intranets

    13155 -Favorite features

    13150- wp as cms for non-profits/consulting opps

  15. […] going on where we were in the main classroom complex yesterday. For those who want a listing can go here.The first things that went on today was the plugin completion where people had to submit […]

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