WordCamp New York City 2009

November 14–15, 2009
...was awesome!

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Late Registration in Effect

Like it said in previous announcements, regular registration ended on November 4th, due to deadlines from our vendors. Never fear, though, you can still buy tickets to WordCamp NYC! Late registration is only $5 more, and will get you the same full pass as regular registration. The only difference is in the swag. Or more accurately, when you’ll get it.

The WordCamp NYC shirtWe’re having awesome long-sleeved conference t-shirts printed with our snazzy logo, plus some bags to put things in, but it takes time to get them printed and shipped. We hope to have everyone’s shirts on site on November 14, but if you register late, yours may not arrive in time. When you arrive at WordCamp as a late registrant, one of two things will happen. 1. When you get to the registration table and tell us your name, we will hand you a cute little WordCamp NYC bag that contains your shirt, name badge, program, etc.; or 2. You will get a name badge and program, and a priority mail envelope. This will mean your shirt didn’t arrive due to your late sign-up, but if you write your name and address on the priority mail packaging and return it to one of the registration table volunteers, we will mail you your shirt and bag a couple of days after the conference ends and the final shipment arrives.

How awesome is that!

Now, look: San Francisco is traditionally the largest WordCamp in the U.S., looked at as the flagship of all WordCamps. We can be the east coast flagship. Our city has ten times more people than San Francisco; we should at least be able to equal the SF WordCamp in attendance numbers! So tell your friends, your colleagues, even the neighbor who always stops to tell you about the latest celebrity gossip when all you want to do is get your mailĀ  — tell them that they should really come to WordCamp NYC. Work at an agency? Everyone you work with should come. Are you a freelancer? Your clients should come. Have a girlfriend who’s thinking of getting off Blogger or TypePad? She NEEDS to come. Seriously, with 8 tracks of content, there will be plenty of content to suit just about every point of view.

If we can get 800 people registered by November 12, I will personally bake cookies for everyone. Yes, everyone. In my little east village oven in my fifth-floor walkup.* That’s how much I want us to have the biggest most badass WordCamp ever. You can ask anyone, even Matt will tell you I’m a good cook. So please, spread the word.

*Unless someone wants to offer me the use of their industrial kitchen, which would be awesome.

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