WordCamp New York City 2009

November 14–15, 2009
...was awesome!

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Fifty Sites, Ten Months, One WordPress CMS

Photo of Jamie Trowbridge

Jamie Trowbridge

Want to find out how to take WordPress beyond blogging and use it to publish a full-fledged, media-rich website?

Dan Goldman and Jamie Trowbridge discussed how WNET.ORG (Channel Thirteen in NYC) and Tierra Innovation, a leading strategy, design and technology firm based in NYC, collaborated to customize WordPress Multi-User as a CMS for WNET.ORG’s network of high-traffic websites. This groundbreaking project helped WNET.ORG to cut costs, streamline their Web publishing process and improve the user experience across their network of sites. Before the new CMS, WNET.ORG could only launch 1-2 sites per month. Now, they have the capability of rolling out 5-10 sites per month for a fraction of the cost.

Our newly launched Tierra WordPress CMS Toolkit site offers the best of the plugins (all FREE and more coming soon!) that we developed for WNET.ORG, examples of live sites, plus developer services and support; check it out and let us know what you think! The slides from Dan and Jamie’s WordCamp presentation and a one-sheet overview about the Toolkit are also posted on the site.

Editor’s Note from Jane: Thanks again to Tierra Innovation for their Bronze Sponsorhip of WordCamp NYC!

Managing Flow in the New Newsroom

Photo of Steve McNally

Steve McNally

With TrueSlant.com, we set out to build a new newsroom.

Our team brings a mix of newspaper, magazine, television and book publishing to the table in addition to collective decades of online experience. A shared driver in building True/Slant is our wish to bring some of the best-practices learned working in those media to the immediacy and community of blogging.

The Editorial team recruits Contributors with a vision of the news – a Slant.  These credible and knowledgeable Contributors – hundreds of journalists, authors, professionals and academics with topic-specific expertise – blog under their own names, are working to build their own brands, and are trusted to make their own editorial decisions. Editors then curate the stream of stories coming through: slotting them in where they fit best, featuring the larger trends, and promoting stories across and outside of TrueSlant.com. Our Founder & CEO Lewis DVorkin calls this “Editing Talent” rather than Content.

Building on WordPress MU gave us simple, powerful tools for Contributors; extending MU helps us provide frictionless publishing and promotion across a network of quality content, helps community members find what’s relevant, helps our Contributors build audience, and helps our Editors create a lively site with minimal effort.

We’ll cover the enhancements and curation tools that help keep TrueSlant.com a vibrant, growing network with a limited editorial staff. We’ll discuss the thinking and technology behind the Content Management methodologies and tools in use.  We’ll walk through the ways Editors manage content flow to create the home page, Topics, and promotional opportunities throughout and the site.

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