WordCamp New York City 2009

November 14–15, 2009
...was awesome!

Saturday Schedule

Registration will be open from 8am-9am. Sessions will run from 9am-12pm. Lunch will be from 12pm-1:30pm. Sessions will run again from 1:30-6pm.

All sessions on this grid take place at the Vertical Campus: 55 Lexington Ave/One Bernard Baruch Way.

Newbie track will take place across the street from 9-12 in the library, 6th floor, 151 E 25th St., but Newbie track attendees still need to check in at the Vertical Campus first.

Saturday Schedule Grid

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  1. Andrew, CPhT says:

    Is there supposed to be a 15 minute space in between each session in each room? For instance, what time does John Eckman’s “WPBook Dev” session start?

  2. jane says:

    @Andrew: Yes. Scheduled sessions span 4 different floors, and other things like Genius Bar and unconference sessions will be on still additional floors. With hundreds of people and a limited number of elevators, we need to allow people time to move between sessions. Also, this gives us some wiggle room if someone runs a little over in their presentation, so it won’t throw off the entire rest of the day. Believe me, with people hanging around to talk and such, it won’t feel like 15 minutes of wasted time. That’s one thing I’ve picked up at the WordCamps I’ve attended (over a dozen at this point): things flow better when people have plenty of time for ad-hoc discussions and don’t have to miss out on sessions to have conversations with new friends.

  3. Andrew, CPhT says:

    Also, just wondering, are the “being-held” spots for unconference sessions or are those sessions on Sunday?

  4. jane says:

    @Andrew: “Being held” slots are for sessions we are still confirming with speakers (travel issues, etc). There will additional rooms set aside for unconference sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning. Details on unconference to come at the beginning of next week.

  5. Robbin says:


    What a grand day!

    There is a bit of a disconnect between the schedule and the workshop descriptions page. I hope there are plans for something more cohesive.

    (One conference I attended had a spreadsheet style PDF, when you moused over the session, a description bubble would pop up. Just a suggestion!)


  6. jane says:

    @Robbin. If there’d been time I would have loved to have something fancy like the ACL festival schedule picker, but since we have so much to do, it’s just not a priority. We figure everyone is clever enough to use the track color/session title abbreviation/speaker name to look up the session descriptions. : )

  7. Andrew, CPhT says:

    @jane I meant that it doesn’t look like there is a 15 minute gap between all of the presentations. Is that just due to spacing issues, or do some only have 5-10 minutes in between?

  8. jane says:

    Some of them have less space because they are paired sessions, and just a quick break so people can stretch their legs. For example, Andrea Rennick will talk about some MU sites she’s worked on, take a short break, then come back and do a how-to session. After the Summer of Code session, we’ll roll right into the demos of the two student projects (Elastic and Search API).

  9. @ElishaNYC says:

    Question.. Is there any way to edit what will appear on my badge and if a track isn’t full, can you bounce between presentations in different tracks?

  10. Rich says:

    I live on long island, and would like to attend the wordpresscamp. I want to speak to someone, but I cannot find a number nor email address on the site to contact anyone. Is there anyway I can contact anyone? ~rich

  11. John Eckman says:

    @jane @Andrew – So if I’m reading this right, J. Hawkins’ talk is from 9:00am to 9:30am, then there is a 15 minute break, then I go from 9:45 to 10:15, then M. Martz goes from 10:30-11:00.

    It’s just a little tricky to align the color bars with start times on the graphic above – though it is easier if you view it at full size.

    See you all tomorrow!

  12. jane says:

    The times are shuffling a bit, but there will be a program for everyone with the times listed explicitly at the event.

  13. jane says:

    @Rich: If you want to attend, just buy a ticket and show up. If you have a question, you can email wordcampnyc/gmail/com, but honestly we’re all so busy getting ready for tomorrow that we may not have time to respond before the event. Just bit the bullet and come!

  14. […] on each one of the talks I attended, I believe they do require their own attention. With as much as eight simultaneous tracks, it was pretty much impossible to hear them all, so I focused on technical talks (go figure) and on […]

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