WordCamp New York City 2009

November 14–15, 2009
...was awesome!

Final Shirts

Hey everyone. Sorry this took so long, I got sidetracked by a car wreck and the flu. Shirts! While most people got their WordCampNYC shirts at the event, there were a few people who did not because we ran out of their size. If you were one of these people, please email me today so I can get a count and place one last shirt order for the two sizes we ran out of.

Note: I know about how many we were short, so if I get 300 emails asking for shirts, that’s not going to fly. It will also be suspicious if you request a shirt size that we didn’t run out of, which is most of them. If you got a shirt, please do not email and try to get another one. If you were a walk-in attendee, please mention that in your email, as I’ll have to check a different location for proof of your registration.

Email me at jane/wordcamp/org asap, since we want to place the order before Dec 31 for tax reasons.

P.S. Let me know if you got a bag, too. If you got a shirt but not a bag, email and tell me that. We weren’t planning to print more bags, since those were a bonus and not something we offered with the cost of registration like the shirts, but I found a couple of extras, so depending on how many people ask for them, we’ll see.

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